About Us

Grup Impeks Metal Industry and Foreign Trade Ltd. Company was established at 1991 as a Foreign Trade company specificly serving for Metal Industry by special pipes, non produced pipes at Turkey, Natural Gas line pipes etc. Being at formal supplier list of major Government Establishments and representative of globally wellknown producers,
Grup Impeks Ltd. today still remains at the market. By the time we reach to year 2004 we have seen the lack of textile,industrial products, retail and dry food products supply at our Close Region, Close East and Africa with efficiency and quality of Turkish management output and Turkish origin brandmarks.

Through continuous creative and innovative works, consultation of experts, strategic collaborations and completed many different projects over last decade, allowed
Grup Impeks Ltd. to a growth of wide range of products to be exported not only to Close Region of our market but to Middle East countries of Saudia Arabia, UAE and Qatar and also to extend to Africa; Nigeria, Angola, Ivory Coast, Kamerun, Kenya, Djibouti & Libya and China and then to Southern Europe; Macedonia, Albania, Croatia with the full range of Multipurposes Uniforms, Ballistic Equipments, Retail Products & Textile, Quick consumption products,Industrial machinery & Spare parts, Dry Food/Pulses, Canned Food and Beverages and then medium to big size turnkey projects of  EPC Contracts, Energy  Projects of individual Operations. We are in service of to satisfy our clients fully with logistic requirements and after sales follow-up or operating services with warranties. To accommodate its rapid growth, Grup Impeks Ltd., relies on its manufacturing partners and agencies both locally and internationally with trustworthy companies at Europe,Serbia, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia in order to attain a competitive edge at the Energy Market and Defense Industry Market.

Since 2010 Grup Impeks Ltd. is a role player at Energy Market by 2 separate selfprojected Hydroelectric Power Plants – Agkolu HES/Mor-2 HES - at Blacksea area. Both projects are have been owned group company of Mor Elektrik ve Uretim A.S. and have been completed by 2014 to start producing electricity. Today both projects have been sold to a Austrian origin fund and running by them. Being experienced at energy market by HES Projects, Grup Impeks Ltd. serving to its worldwide clients by supplying EPC projects, serving by Contract Agreements, Commissioning, Operations & Maintenance , Training and Spare Parts at all variety of Energy Market. Last 2 years we, Grup Impeks Ltd., have the considerable experience with those services and aiming  to provide fast response and take full control during plant upsets or asset failures that may lead to long periods of shutdown where, procurement and logistics plays an important role to shorten the downtime.

We have extended our presence with branch office in Qatar and a contact office in UAE and yet our thriving Import & Export business is opening new and different markets. Today, Grup Impeks Ltd. is a primary and whole supplier of Commercial/Civil and Military Uniforms and accessories, tactical solutions, as well as all kind of dry foods for all kinds of needs to our valuable clients with remarkable experience and prestige but more important we are the only supplier company in Turkey which saves valuable times and efforts of our clients for facing with difficulties of purchasing from multiple suppliers against their various conditions. Also we are founder member of Turkish Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters Association which was founded in 2011. Grup Impeks is widening its foreign trade activities and services of food and non-food products by being only supplier of SenaMart- Super Market chains based in Africa. We are aiming to be a FMCG sector bridge to African markets with known Turkish Suppliers and Brands. By supplying dry food needs of major African countries until today, we had the motivation to extend our range of products also by supplying foods and non-foods with known brands. We are the candidates to be team mates of our clients to understand their needs and help them to achieve their missions with our service, quality and support in every possible way we can. We aim to be the supplier in the growing market of Defense Industry with utmost innovations while providing the highest quality to our valuable clients.

We have our thanks to our existing customers for priceless support and feedback. Your demands for highest standarts are what lead us to our standing today. We promise to continue our dedications for the highest and most innovative standarts for your needs. As the Energy Markets  around the world become increasingly sophisticated and needed, also the Defense Industry is a key strategic sector which constantly grows and bodes well for our country’s future, we are and we will always proud to be part of those key markets.




Grup Impeks Ltd. provide solutions and services to meet energy needs of our clients according to their demands and needs, with our market and client focused approach through on-site generation facilities and high-technology based infrastructure.

Our self owned Hydro Power Production Plants were our starting point for the Energy Market and have supported us to take our place at the Energy sector. We are very proud to complete 2 different HPP plants at our hometown region of Blacksea, Turkey and both are running by new owners efficiently for the last 2 years by now.

Experiencing the HPP projects leads us today to offer solutions for small Hydro applications up to 30 MW, with options for turnkey plants or individual
components, including:
•    Run-of-river plants
•    Remote-controlled facilities
•    Minimal heads as low as a few meters to high heads.
•    Fixed conditions to sudden or seasonal variations.
Our standard configuration results in reduced lead times and costs, making the small hydro turbine portfolio an ideal choice for plant operators. And yet they are engineered for high reliability and quality, with applications up to 30MW as turnkey plant solutions or individual components.

Being part of Energy market by HPP leads us to involve at other ares of Energy which we feel to finalise such undertaken projects has to be completed with success and the aim is; to convert natural renewable sources into energy and bring them for the good of our client’s and our environment, and also for the economy of the government’s of theirs.

Our product range supports customer requirements, from highly standardized equipment to cutting-edge compression solutions for Liquefied Natural Gas and Gas-To-Liquids plants.  

Our offered solutions for those types of investments can be:

•    Compression Solutions
•    Gas Turbines and Control Solutions
•    Module Solutions
•    Floating LNG
•    Small-scale LNG plant
•    CO2Liquefaction
•    Gearing Technology
•    Pumps

Our aim is to create value for our partners, clients, suppliers and the community, where the energy projects takes place, by providing feasible opportunities and alternatives  within the sector. Our business at Energy Market will go on with our  operations of ; EPC Contracts, Operations and Maintenance, Construction, Construction supervision, Project Management, Spare Parts & Consumable supply and Training facilities with procurement and best convenient logistic
modules by fast response and competitive pricing.

We understand that to succeed, a high class O&M (Operations and Maintenance) service is required to have the materials  available and ready in case of unforeseeable events. Our aim with this service is to provide fast response and take full control during plant upsets or asset failures that may lead to long
periods of shutdown where, procurement and logistics plays an important role to shorten the downtime.

In order to offer this exclusive service, we have to supply sub-sector service of individually supplying all electrical and mechanical spare parts and have done several exclusive representative agreements with major providers of the market.

Thanks to our partnership and agreements with our providers and most important dealers in the industry market. But also our sincere thanks to Africa and MENA Region clients, who supported us well to serve at a difficult market with utmost Energy and all needs, and being a constant role player with our proved years of experiences.


Grup Impeks is getting more specialized  on Ballistic Products&Solutions with multinational consultancies, cooperation with major role players in the market and R&D investments of ours. We have started ballistic helmet production line beside the ballistic vest production line at our factory, Istanbul and we are hoping to complete the facility with in 2016.
Our production quality benchmark is NATO and American standards and references from our valuable clients from many different countries.
By this fact we could be in service of;

•    Ballistic Panels supply
•    Ballistic Carrier supply
•    Ballistic Helmet supply
•    Ballistic Plates supply
•    Ballistic Fabric supply

Ballistic market is becoming more sophisticated with AR-GE investments, Innovative Raw Materials and Hi-Tech solutions every day and Grup Impeks Ltd. is proud to be part of it by offering best possible solutions with most suitable alternatives.We are also, in service of to satisfy our clients fully with logistic requirements and after sales follow-up with warranties and all types of needed international certificates.


Grup Impeks Ltd. saw the light after a thoroughly studying the various markets and the sector itself  for several years as a professional working within the
framework of the overall vision of the Africa and Middle East, which aimed to encourage SME projects and new ideas that are innovative .

We offer services characterized by precision and perfection and speed of response and integration in sewing National dresses, Official dresses "Uniforms" and custom made suits at any amount. We are the first provider within to offer tailor made uniforms to supply at a considerable number by preserving their valuable time and proof that our goal is customer satisfaction through which customers can tailor their uniforms in a place that suits them whether at their headquarters or even at their homes.

We are leading supplier of uniforms across industries including aviation, hospitality, education, industrial, corporate and healthcare. We utilize our extensive knowledge of uniform-tailoring in helping businesses dress their employees and strengthen their identity. By providing customized and personalized services, we always place customers’ needs first to ensure that every order ends with their satisfaction. This customer-centric approach has enabled us to distinguish ourselves from other uniform suppliers .

Our in house team of highly skilled tailors, purchasing and sales experts based in Turkey, implements years of accumulated knowledge of fabrics, sewing techniques, and stylish garment-making to deliver the best results to our customers at competitive prices with needed all accessories and subsidiary products . PT&T Uniforms’ superior product quality and best service, speaks for themselves.

In 2013 , Grup Impeks Ltd. was awarded the internationally acclaimed ISO 9001certification and being recorded Among Top 1000 Exporters of Turkey since year 2012 .  To accommodate its rapid growth, Grup Impeks, Ltd. relies on its garment and fabric manufacturing partners and agencies both locally and internationally which are the main suppliers of famous brands such as; Hogo Boss, Versace,Pierre Cardin, LVHM Group and etc. in order to attain a competitive edge in the market. It is not our chance but work of hard and targeting that; today, Grup Impeks, Ltd. is a primary and whole supplier of Corporate Uniforms, Military&Police Equipments  and tactical solutions of Ballistic Products to our valuable clients with remarkable experience of organization, consultancy and prestigious Turkish Textile knowhow.


Our expertise at supplying pulses, such as: Red Lentil, White Beans, Rice, Chickpea, Flour, Corn, Broad Bean for all multiusers but military usage and for stocks in bulks.

Dry foods, such as: Tea, Salt, Sugar, Dry Yeast, Starch (various) All Pasta types, Sweets and Confectionery, Powder Foods, Oil (various)
in any packing/bulk.Canned Food, such as: Tomato Paste, Sauces, Milk Powder, Milk, Cheese, Fruits & Vegetables.

Meat & Poultry Products, such as: Meat and Chicken, Eggs.

Drinks and Beverages: All types of powder drinks, hot drinks, bottled liquid drinks.

All mentioned products can be supply at any demanded packing also with either Private Label options of yours or our own brand of “EUROKING”.



Project & Contracting

Turkey’s stability, high economic growth and rapid social transformation have shaped its current stature as a regional economic and political power base. As Grup Impeks Ltd. has been active both in Turkey and African, Middle East markets for many years, we have seen the signals the need for  presence and coordination of all of our business activities, including  Energy, Contracting & Procurement, Defence for the decision to invest to  those markets. Turkey has scale and its young and well-educated workforce and strong emphasis in Research and Development supports us well with our ambitions to be in the Construction and Contracting Business as a global company.

Grup Impeks Ltd. has established a strong position in three global markets - Energy, Contracting & Procurement and Defence. As a result of its diverse product portfolio and geographical reach, today we have a broad customer base comprising more than 5 turnkey hospital projects, 3 turnkey textile plant projects, more than 6 individual country for corporate and government airport utility and agricultural equipments & operators, greenhouses, marine customers for river boats including infrastructural mining investments. The company offers projects, development,workmanship, groundwork, construction, reconnaissance, machinery&spare parts supply, furnishing, operating&training. Grup Impeks Ltd. has services&warranty agreements besides production and support services in place with all project owners as requested.

The sophisticated Service technologies and delivery systems that Grup Impeks Ltd. has developed are tailored to the requirements of our customers. In order to provide the most modern support and reducing cost of operations could be a very promising solution. To achieve this, a cooperative approach involving with our clients expectations and cultures and Turkish prestige will be essential.